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Hike Messenger Application for Android Mobile : Free Download

If you have been using an android mobile, then I am sure you must be familiar with atleast some of the voip or instant messaging or social networking application. You must have used (or atleast heard about) applications like Whatsapp, Skype, Viber or Facebook. Well each of these have a common aim "let people connect with others for free". What if we tell you that their is another android application that has a similar purpose but still it is unique in its own way.

We are talking about "Hike Messenger Application" for android mobiles. It is being seen in the top charts of Google Play market. It is a free application to download, available in Google Play so lot of people have already tried it. It offers Fun, free messaging for life. With hike, messaging has never been simpler.

Hike is a new messenger that lets you send free messages to your friends and family. With hike you can message friends that are on hike and also those who aren't on hike too! You'll never have to use another messaging app again. It sounds similar to whatsapp application (check its comparison with Whatsapp), but first we need to look at all its features (and try the app ourself) before making a comparison.

Hike on Android

Hike Messenger for Android Features

- Connectivity : Hike uses your 2G, 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family.

- Chat for Free :  After you have downloaded the application, you chat with any of your friend (who is also using Hike Messenger) for free. No Plan to make this app Paid.

- Free Hike2SMS to India : This feature is something lacking in many of android application. You can send free message to non-hike friends. So if your friends aren't on hike you can still message them. And better yet, for free! Free SMS can only be sent to India. The number of Free SMS are limited (when I downloaded the app, I was offered 100 free sms).

-  Send Free SMS Invitation to anyone

- Group Chat : Create a group chat with friends and family on hike and also with those who aren't on hike via Free hike SMS. All in one group. Another very interesting feature.

- Send Videos or Photos : You can send photos videos and more to friends on hike and also those who aren't on hike via Free hike SMS.

- Easy to use application and nothing complicated. We have recently seen many other complex apps which are difficult to use, but this one's very easy.

- No Username or Pins : Just like SMS, hike works with your phone number and integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book. Its that simple.

- Always On App : It is always on and working. But lets hope it don't consume too much battery and bandwidth.

- Emoticons : Just like Whatsapp emoticons and Skype Emoticons, hike has some awesome emoticons that you can share with friends. You've never seen more emotional and funnier emoticons!

- Profile Picture, Status Messages, Sharing Location : Are just some of the features from long list of other cool features.

- Hike2Post : Use Hike Messenger to send Post cards (letters, pictures or videos) to anywhere in free. One of its kind service. 

- Use Gmail to Send Free SMS to Indian Mobiles
- JaxtrSMS to Send Free Text Message : Works on Any Phone

Hike Messenger Android App ScreenShots

My Review

I tried this application on my Galaxy and trust me I have started liking this application. The download procedure went pretty smooth and it was ready to use within few seconds (though I didn't like asking me to invite friends at the first time I started using it). Once logged in, I was surprised that many of my friends are already using Hike (it automatically shows list of friends using Hike).

It is just like using SMS messaging application built in your mobile. I found it pretty easy to use application and good thing is its very stable.

Making a group chat was so damn easy and it also shows (by varying colors) which friend are on Hike and which are not. But it does not matter because you can still include them on Group chat.

Hike Free SMS to Non Hike Members

Hike offers free 100 SMS per month (refills every 1st of month) which can be sent to mobile in India. This is a very useful feature and I kinda love this. I tried sending free sms to a friends mobile (who is not using Hike), good thing is these are also listed in friends list so sending message is easy (with the color you know they are not on Hike). Anyways I sent the SMS and it was received within seconds. It worked and it works pretty fast.

Hike included "Sent from Hike .. Download Hike from here .." in the message, but that's okay as long as it is free.

User Reviews (From Google Play)

Its an awesome indian networking app.....n really cool n funky emoticons.
I m glad i found this app. Its fun quick and easy to use. U can send sms even to non hike or non android users,sms gets delevered within a sec.i love this app.
FAST!!GREAT EMOJIS!! AMAZING UI!5 stars if you make tablet optimized ui...preferrably floating window option as well...
Overall its a great application and you must try it.

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