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Hike Vs Whatsapp Application : Which is a better option ?

If you are having any smartphone, then you must have tried atleast one instant messaging (sms via internet) application. The most popular ones among a list of apps are Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat and now Hike as well (which is a recently launched app). Though Hike was launched recently but it has been most downloaded apps in past few months and it being considered as next big thing in field of voip.

Comparisons are done all over internet and Hike is being considered as perfect Whatsapp alternative. We have used both the application personally and then decided to compare the two evaluating them on various necessary (and useful add on features). Offcourse you can install and use both the application on your mobile, but with time one app will surely become your preferred choice (and other will get neglected). I mean we have so many social networking websites, but it is only Facebook which is a clear winner (twitter is also there but FB is way ahead).

Hike Vs Whatsapp


Whatsapp is available for Android, iPhone, Nokia S40, Symbian Phones, Windows phone and people can even use it on PC and iPad as well.. In short it is available for almost all the gadgets.

Hike App is quite new (launched just few months back). It is currently available for Apple iPhone, Android Mobiles, Windows based phones (Lumia series etc) and Nokia Symbian phones. It is currently not available for Blackberry phones.

Whatsapp : 1, Hike : 0

Installation and Ease of use

Whatsapp is quite easy to install. It does not require to create any usernames or select passwords and pins. It is simple app which couples with your mobile number. It simply checks the friends on your address book and shows list of people using whatsapp. It has a very clean and easy to use interface.

Hike probably understood that its good to keep things simple. Similar to whatsapp, it also does not require any username or password. It also couples with mobile number and scan your address book to search for Hike contacts. Good thing is it also shows other friends (non Hike) and allows you to send free sms to them as explained below. I will probably give both a plus one on this aspect.

Whatsapp : 2, Hike : 1

SMS : Instant Messaging

Whatsapp is no doubt most used application now for sending text message, pictures and videos. It has been used by almost all smartphone users. However that does not make it the best app. Though it allows you to send the message to other whatsapp users for free, however you cannot send message to non whatsapp users.

Hike on the other hand, not only allows people to send free text message, pictures and videos to other Hike users, but you can send the sms to other non hike users as well. It gives free 100 message (India only) per month which can be utilized to send message to non hike users. Good thing is you can include such users in group chat as well.

Whatsapp : 2, Hike :2

Innovation : Future Updates

Whatsapp has been in the market for quite a long time now and it has understood what market needs (And what market can except and enjoy). But the thing is they have been quite the same from day 1. They offer free text message to other whatsapp users and that's it! It has been same till now, nothing new. They need to bring something new every now and then, otherwise people will get bored.

Hike has been in the market for just few months and man they are full of new things and ideas. It seems they have surveyed the market very nicely and exactly understand whats customer needs. They keep bringing new offers which actually attract people to join them. Their free recharge program was a big hit! Keep up the good work guys. And now their Hike2Post thing is pretty amazing (it allows you to send free pictures, videos as post to anyone in India).

Whatsapp : 2, Hike : 3

Cost of Application

Whatsapp is a paid application on iPhone. On Android Mobile it was offered for free (for an year) and after that they were expected to charge some money. However for most people they extended the free service for one more year. Still, Whatsapp is being considered as a paid application (though cheap but still not free).

Hike is a FREE App till now and lets say it will remain so. Currently they do not have any plan to make this application a paid one (how are they earning money ??)

Whatsapp : 2, Hike : 4

Overall both the apps are good. Considering Whatsapp already has a good customer base, it will be difficult for Hike to reach that number of users (may it will take some time). However Hike is certainly a very good application and its a must try from our side. 

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