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How to Cancel Skype Subscription and Get Refund

It is a well known fact that Skype is the leader in voip industry. It has probably maximum numbers of users (comparing to other voip services). But I believe a large part of those users stick to free Skype services like video calling to other skype users. If you want to make international calls to normal mobile or landline phone's, then you would have to shell out some money. For users looking for unlimited calls to a particular country (or a set of countries), Skype offers some unlimited subscription plans.

If you choose this subscription plan (any package), then you will be charged on monthly basis. You may consider it good or bad, but for your monthly subscription you can be charged automatically (from your registered credit card). Sometimes what happens is that you don't actually use the service, however you are still charged. Infact some people have complained about being charged for whole three months in advance.

Many people have asked us about cancelling your subscription plan and getting a refund from Skype. Today we will post a step by step tutorial (information guide), on how you can cancel your monthly subscription plan with Skype so that you are no longer charged by them.

Good thing is that even though your subscription has been cancelled, you are allowed to use the remaining minutes until they expire.

Skype Refund : Cancel Subscription

Cancel Skype Subscription | Cancel Recurring Payments

- Login to your Skype account on your computer
- Click Skype above (at the top) and choose Account.
- Once the account window opens up on screen, choose the subscription feature (which you wish you cancel).
- Check your subscription plans and see if its correct. Now click settings there.
- Select Cancel Subscription
- Keep on confirming for cancellation of your subscription.
- You will receive a confirmation mail from Skype about the cancellation.

Though we not recommend that you stop your subscription with Skype (as it is a really a good service), but anyways the cancellation thing is also quite easy.

Getting Refund with Skype

You can ask for a refund of your Skype Credit within 15 days from its purchase, but only if you haven’t used it.  You can ask for a refund of your subscription if you haven’t used it and it hasn’t expired.
  1. Click this link, enter your Skype Name and password, then click Sign me in.
  2. Select the help topic Payments and the related problem Refund requests.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Continue support request.
  4. Select how you’d like to contact : Email support or Chat support.
  5. If you click Send an email, enter your details (include skype username and NOT password) and describe your problem, then click Send support request.
  6. If you click Start a chat, enter your Skype Name and email address, select the general topic you need help with, then choose the type of problem you have. Click Start Chat to talk to one of our support representatives.
If you wish to cancel your Skype account completely (delete your account), then you will have to contact the Skype customer support. However again it is not needed (as Skype to Skype are always free).

If you are facing problem and difficulty in getting a refund from Skype, then please let us know.
If you have already mailed Skype support asking for refund and have not yet got (and its been more than 15 days), then we would suggest that you contact them on their Facebook page as well.

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