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WeChat for PC : Web WeChat on Windows/Mac/Chrome OS

Smartphone have captured the mobile market with almost everyone using it. The most popular apps on smartphones are the ones related to social media or communication (the way you can connect to your loved ones). These includes applications like Viber (Voice Calling), Tango (Video Calling), Whatsapp (Instant Messaging), Hike (SMS Text Messaging) and WeChat (which combines all features). Most of these apps are supported for all mobile platforms be it Android, iPhone, Windows or Blackberry, however most of these apps do not have any support for usage on your laptop/computer/PC.

Today we will be discussing about using WeChat application on your personal computer (or for that matter any computer having internet connection). Interesting thing is that you do not require to download WeChat application on your Pc and still use the app features. We are referring to the app feature named "Web WeChat".

WeChat for PC : WebChat


1. You need to have a smartphone where you have already installed WeChat app. The app is linked to your mobile number (so unless you haveWeChat on your phone, you won't be able to use it on PC).
2. Computer with internet connection.
3. Internet browser (Firefox/IE/Chrome/Opera) all works.

How Web WeChat Works

1. Click the magic wand icon at upper right and select "Web WeChat".
2. Click "Start"
3. Open the browser and open
4. Scan the QR Code that shows up when you open your PC browser to, then select "OK".

Once you are on Web WeChat, you can continue chatting with friends on your browser. It is like accessing your phone WeChat account on your computer (simply assume that you have a phone on your screen). It works pretty great.

The main advantage of using this feature is ease of use. It is quite easy to chat with friends (type) on computer than your computer. We have seen in the past that people crave about using Whatsapp  on computer. They do not have any PC application nor do they support such a web chat feature. Only option for Whatsapp is to follow our tutorial (userguide on using app on PC using android emulator).

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