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Download Viber on Kindle Fire for Free International Calls

Viber is one of the best mobile voip applications. The best part about Viber is that it is a multi platform application and is available for almost all the devices. Viber application is now available for Android Mobiles, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobiles, Nokia Symbian, Bada and recently it launched its Computer application as well. One of my friend was planning to buy Kindle Fire and asked me whether he will be able to use Viber on it.

Viber application is so popular that when buying any gadget (mobile or tablet), people do consider the factor that Viber app should work on it. This application is now being used by millions of people all over the globe, simply because it allows free phone calls between two viber users. Not only free calls, Viber users can also text each other for free. It can be treated as a replacement for Whatsapp Messenger as well.

What's Special in Viber

  • Viber allows free calls between two users. So if you are using Viber on your mobile and your friend is also using Viber on his mobile, then you two can talk to each other for free.
  • Requirements: Viber application installed on your mobile or computer, Internet Connection on your device (mobile, PC or tablet)
  • Viber also allows free text between users. Not only text it also allows media sharing (like pictures, videos between users)
  • On its PC version it allows video calling facility as well.

Viber on Kindle Fire From App Store

Kindle Fire is based on Android and Viber application is available for android devices. So if you can access Google Play (or Amazon Store for Kindle Fire Apps), there you should be able to see Viber app. As seen in the image below, you can get the Viber app from Kindle Fire app store. It was last updated in Jan, 2013. Good thing is it is Free!
Viber Kindle Fire App

Alternate way to get Viber on Kindle Fire

If you can't download Viber for Android from Google Play/Amazon Store. Just follow this tutorial below.

Download latest Viber version from here: []

How to install: 
1. In your device menu, select Settings then Applications then Unknown sources (should be activated)
2. With your device, just click on the link and download the apk file, then install.
3. You may also download the file into your computer and use your device's pc interface to install it (Make sure that you have done #1).
4. Or you may simply download the file into your computer, and then attach it to an email and email it to your phone, or bluetooth it to your phone. Once received in your phone, just click on the file and install it (Make sure that you have done #1).

Viber works perfectly well on Kindle Fire. You should be able to make calls (quality is good) and send messages to your friend. Please share your experience of using Viber on your tablet. If you are facing any issues, then read this post on Viber problems.

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