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Free Skype Credit Offer by CollegeBudgetDeals : Get 20$ on buying $10

Almost all of us know about Skype (the world's largest voip provider). It became more popular after Microsoft acquired it and large number of people use it now. It is being considered as market leader in video calling feature (most people use Skype just for free video calls - skype to skype is free). However that does not mean it is their only feature, infact many people use it for making international calls to mobile phones.

If you have a friend who is also using Skype (and is online on Skype) then you can call him or her for free, but it will cost you money when calling to non skype users. It does not matter whether you are using Skype on your mobile or playstation or your laptop, you can still use it for international calling. The calling rates offered by Skype are competitive (you can check its calling rates here).

Few days back we discussed about using skype voucher and coupon codes (and how to use them) for getting bonus credit or discounts when buying credit. In continuation to that we found another working code (or say a method) by which you will be able to get additional credit on your purchase.

CollegeBudgetDeals Offer Details

- You purchase credit worth $10
- You will get total of $20 credit ($10 extra free free free!)
- Special offer by CollegeBudget to save money. And for that you will require a CollegeBudgetDeals Account (free to signup)
- You also need to have a Skype account. Open one if you don't have Skype id.

How to Avail this Offer

- Login on collegeBudget
- Once logged in you will see a deal "Super Deal: $10 for $20 Worth of Skype Credit. Redeemable Instantly!"
- Buy this deal for $10.
- You will get a $20 e-gift code to spend at skype
- Go to and enter your code into to redeem your voucher.
- Once redeemed, you will get $20 credit that you can spend to call anywhere in the world.
- You can also refer to this tutorial on using skype voucher gift codes

There is no point on discussing whether you should try Skype and avail this offer. Skype is one of the best voip provider. Not only it offers good quality calls and different ways to make calls, it has excellent customer support and people just love it. And since with this offer the effective calling rate with this offers gets half, so it is a must try.

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