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Status of Tango App for Nokia Symbian Mobiles Phones

You can't expect everyone to instantly switch to Android or Windows platform. There are still quite a good number of Nokia Symbian mobile users. Infact the Nokia mobile boasting about Pureview 41Mp camera is itself based on Symbian Belle (its a great phone, only concern is its Symbian). And many of these Nokia phone's allow video calling facility (they are having a secondary front facing camera). So do these Nokia mobile users (even after having front camera camera and high speed internet on mobile), really enjoy video calling on their phones.

Apart from above two said items, what you additionally require in your mobile is Video Calling application. One of the very famous and popular app (atleast for iOS, Android and Windows) video calling app is Tango. It is a free to download application which allows video calling between various platforms. If you are using Tango on your PC, you can call your friend who is using Tango on his Android Mobile.

Currently Tango does not have any application for Nokia Symbian Mobile Phones. But the thing is what is its status, when is Tango coming out with its Nokia application. With Nokia already focusing on its Windows based Lumia mobile phone range, it is really difficult that anyone else will focus on it.

From the day Tango was launched people are requesting this application for Symbian phones (specifically - N97, N8, 5800, N97 Mini, E72, E5, X7, N86, N73, C3, 5250 etc..). We have tried to capture the status (replies from Tango official's) regarding Tango Nokia app.

Tango App for Nokia Symbian Mobiles

Status of Tango for Nokia Symbian

April 06, 2013
Hey Everyone,
Regret to inform you that after further discussions we have decided not to develop a Nokia version at this time.
Our plans may change in the future, but at this time we don't have any current plans to support Nokia/Symbian.
We appreciate your posts and enthusiasm about this topic. I hope we can support this in the future.
From the latest updates (whatever the reasons are), it seems that Tango is not coming with any application support for Symbian mobile phones. I guess at least they should have cared to inform the people why they have decided to take this decision. Moreover if there are any plans to support this in future (I mean people are eagerly waiting).

What can Nokia Symbian Users do now

  • Use Tango on your computer to make video calls
  • Buy Android or Windows Based mobile
  • Use other video calling softwares which are available for Nokia Phones (I guess Fring is available)
  • Keep making request to Tango for launching application for Nokia, they may change their mind.
Anyhow we will try to find answers for why Tango dropping idea of launching app for Nokia. Infact we will try to get some Tango official to answer your concerns.

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