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Viber Desktop/Laptop Application For Windows and Mac PC

Viber one of the highly downloaded smartphone application has made quite a good mark in the mobile industry. As of now Viber's customer base include more than 200 million users, using the app for text and free voice calling. Up till now Viber was offering its application for iOS Platform (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch), Android Mobiles, Windows based mobiles, Blackberry OS, Nokia Symbian and Bada mobiles as well. Viber was not offering any app for PC user's.

The only working way of using Viber on computer was to install android emulator (be it Bluestacks or Youwave player) and use the android viber apk on this emulator. Though the method quite worked (thanks to our step by step tutorial), however many people still faced issues using Viber on computer.

The good news is Viber has officially now entered the desktop space as well. Viber has launched its official application for windows and Mac PC. That means all the 200 million users have access to their viber contacts from both mobile and desktop. Not only the viber desktop provides free text and voice calling, but it also offers video calling to other Viber desktop users. This video calling is currently in beta version and is only available from computer to computer.

What's Special in Viber Desktop/Laptop App for Windows and Mac

  • Send Free Message: Works from Viber on desktop to your viber contact on any device (PC to Mobile).
  • Free Voice Calls: It again works from Viber on desktop to viber on mobile as well. 
  • Video Calling: Viber on desktop to Viber on desktop
  • Viber syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile device, so you can start the conversation on the Viber mobile application and continue from the comfort of your PC.  
  • Group conversations
  • No registration, passwords or invitations required
  • Transfer ongoing calls between devices 

Download Viber Application for Windows/Mac

First thing first in order to get started and use this cool app on your computer, you need to download this application.

Viber for Windows PC: Download Link
Viber for Mac PC: Download Link

Simply download the app from the above links and install the application on your computer. Follow the tutorial below to get started and make calls using this viber app.

Viber Desktop Application for Windows/Mac

Get Started : Viber on Desktop

To start, you must be a mobile user of Viber, so if you don’t have a number that’s already associated with the service, the desktop app will ask you to download the mobile application. From there, you simply input your number into the desktop app, enter a pin which is sent to your mobile device, and you instantly have access to all the contacts you know on Viber.
  1. Once you install the app, it will ask you whether you have Viber on your mobile phone or not. If you have then click on yes and if not then click on no.
  2. If you already have Viber on your mobile (registered with Viber), then you will get a confirmation message on your mobile phone. You will need to connect your mobile phone with wifi or 3g (internet). Please open the viber app on your mobile - you will see a four digit code. Enter this code in the PC application and that's it. 
  3. If you are not yet using Viber on your mobile phone and clicked no, then you will be asked to install Viber on your mobile. If you do not have a smartphone, what next ?
  4. If you do not have a smartphone, then you will have to again make use of our old tutorial for using Viber on PC (android emulator). Follow that tutorial and fake as if you are using Viber on android mobile. Once this is done, you can again use the Viber official app on PC.
Incase of any issues or doubts, just let us know in the comment section. We will try to help you out. Good news for Blackberry users as well, Viber is also rolling out a new version of its BlackBerry app that ensures voice calling works with the desktop app, since BlackBerry encodes calls differently than other platforms.

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