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Top 6 reasons why Viber is better than Skype

Skype is the oldest (probably one of the first ones) voip provider and is highly popular. It was recently acquired by Microsoft and its user base is continuously growing. People use Skype on their computer, smartphones, tablet, Facebook - almost on all the device. Skype has its application for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, Blackberry (almost all mobile operating system). There is no doubt that Skype is really a good service (specially its video calling), however even with its so many positives and huge customer base, Skype is now getting tough competition from voip service named "Viber".

Viber is again a multi platform voip service, now available for almost all the operating system (it even launched PC application recently). For those who are not aware about Viber - it is a simple mobile and PC app which allows you to make free calls and send text message (and video calls on PC) to a person who is also using Viber on his mobile/PC. Recently Viber published some numbers and we came to know that it has now been downloaded more than 200 million times. Viber is free and continuously growing, it is being considered as a Skype Killer.
Viber Vs Skype - Viber is better

Skype Vs Viber - Why is Viber Better

In this post, I have tried to compare the two voip services (and the future prospects of two) - Skype Vs Viber. However, here I have just looked at the points because of which I feel that Viber is better than Skype. There are some features of Skype which are unique to it and not present in Viber. I will soon write a post on it.

1. Download and Use - No username required

This is the main reason I love Viber. Just download the application to your mobile phone and your mobile number becomes your username. No signup required. With Skype you need to create a user account.

2. Viber Contacts Easily Visible - Who's Online

Since Viber does not require username, it simply scans your phone address book looking for phone numbers. So any of your friend who is using Viber will be visible to you (and you will also know who's online With Skype you need to add contacts - for that you need to know your friends Skype username.

3. Viber Runs in background

One of the coolest feature of Viber app is that it works in the background and does not have to be running in order to work. So even if you have not opened the Viber app, you can still receive calls on it. Skype on the other hand requires that you logon into the app before you can make/receive calls.

4. Viber Emoticons

Viber has a good range of emoticons which are quite vibrant and dynamic. I would say these are better than what Skype offers (but yes not as good as Whatsapp).

5. Viber Call Quality

I would Viber call quality (voice calls for mobile and video calls for computer) is pretty good. However when compared to Skype, I won't say it is better because Skype quality is itself awesome.

6. My friends are using Viber but not online on Skype

This is the deciding factor - when connecting with friends and to keep in touch you will have to use what other's are using. For now the trend seems to be Viber - everyone is just switching to Viber (whatever the reasons are). So to stay connected and social - you have to use Viber!

Please share your views on this. Are you using Viber or Skype or both. Which service do you like more - is it Skype or is it Viber ?

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